ONLINE Programme 2022

Official Selection Online 13 – 17 April 2022

Screening on Festhome TV

Tickets Available Here

Dog and the Wind Directed by Jovana Marković (Serbia)
On her last night out before going abroad, Zoja meets Luka. The connection they make might be deeper than they think.
Rain Directed by Anna Brenneisen (Brazil)
Rain is about seeking and meeting your true self.
Embryo Directed by Noah Logan (USA)
A young single mother grapples with the decision of adoption in a surreal world where humans hatch from eggs.
Out of Play Directed by Romi Menachem (Israel)
A 12-year-old girl has to fight for her place in a football team dominated by boys.
Killing Time Directed by Jack Honglin Feng (New Zealand)
Waiting for the breakdown rescue service, a stranded female driver passes the time listening to a true-crime podcast. Will she survive the length of the podcast?
Anna Directed by Kristina Rushiti (Albania)
When young parents do not give proper care to a child the results can be very disturbing.

Spectrum Directed by Laura Stiff (UK)
This short abstract film studies how it feels to be in the skin of a person with autism. Inspired by a true story, the character wants to be recognised for their skills rather than the disorder.
A Little Boldness Directed by Ambre Vanneste (Belgium)
Frank, old and manic about hygiene, risks it all to organise a screening at his cinema for his granddaughter during the COVID-19 restrictions.
What Do You See? Directed by Tania Cattebeke (Paraguay)
During the Paraguayan civil war of 1947, an armed young girl from the red party comes face to face with a young member of the enemy faction. Will they shoot each other or will they find a glimmer of optimistic hope?
Nothing is Here Directed by Kaiyun Yang (Taiwan)
When an unusual guest arrives for tea in this animation, a young child is determined to find out the guest’s true identity. What they uncover is beyond imagination.
Odh Gohri Directed by Rochna Kumar (India/UK)
Dulari lives her life through the choices of a patriarchal society that considers her to be the incarnation of evil. Odh Gohri show how superstitions can engulf people and make both love and family very fragile concepts.
Round Three Directed by Shahar Shamay (Israel)
A recently retired teacher decides to revive an old dream – becoming a painter. With no support from her family, she faces the blank canvas of the rest of her life.


Worldbuilding Directed by Shauna C. Murphy (USA)
Worldbuilding illuminates the process of worldbuilding from the perspective of a child’s imaginary world, from that of a writer’s craft and the overlap between them.
I Am Still Here Directed by Corbin Meier and Jamie McClelland (USA)
I Am Still Here highlights the resilience and strength of two indigenous women working to learn, preserve, and sustain what was lost in order to keep their communities and cultures alive.
Basel Street Directed by Melissa Berney (Switzerland)
Basel Street explores the hidden colonial history of Switzerland by researching the origin of Swiss chocolate. How has a country that has always marketed itself as neutral, never been identified as a colonial power?

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