Programme 2019

Music Videos, Documentary Shorts & Animations Competition – Close Up Cinema 6:00pm, Thursday 11 April

Motorfinger – Blood Still Moves Directed by Erik G. Vangsnes (Norway)
Anxiety and fear, but you are still there. Face it!
Agnes’ Front Lawn Directed by Michelle Sharp and Rachel Meng (USA)
An old woman will do whatever it takes to win her neighborhood’s best lawn competition.
Breaking Ballroom Directed by Dragana Njegic (UK)
The inspiring story of how one woman’s passion led her to set up a ground-breaking dance company and open doors for disabled people to dance. [Photo Credit: Stephen Wright]
Evan, a Survivor’s Story Directed by Rafiqfuad Yarahmadi (UK and Kurdistan)
A documentary about a Kurdish journalist whose work filming and reporting on ISIS leads to threats to his life. He flees hoping for the safety of Europe.
Violet Hum Directed by Tribambuka (Anastasia Beltyukova) (UK)
Two brothers answer a call from the depths of their psyche and launch on an adventure through strange and whimsical worlds. Or do they?
Siân: Portrait of A Photographer Directed by Dylan Friese-Greene (UK)
A window into the life and career of award-winning British photographer, Siân Davey, as she discusses the influence of self, community and family on her work to date.

The Great Deception Directed by Ashraf Elwakhery (UK and Afghanistan)
A real Jihadi war veteran breaks out from his silence to oppose the chaotic misrepresentation of jihad today; daringly questioning key issues and revealing untold perspectives surrounding the ideology.
Múcura Directed by Sara Mengual Aragonés (Spain)
Based on the real story of Luís, a boy from Múcura, Colombia, who learned to read and write through betrayal and heartbreak.
A Theoretical Film Directed by Quan Nguyen Hong (Hungary)
A short documentary about Bailint, a 14 year old boy with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and a passion for UFOs.
Home Sweet Home Directed by Maria Robertson (UK)
A group of discarded sweets must try to get back to their sweet shop home.
The Herdsman Neighbourhood Directed by Asparuh Krastev (Bulgaria)

Post Mortem Directed by James Todd (UK)
A story about death carrying out his grim task in the final days of the world, where he finds an unlikely friend.
#MementoMori Directed by Angus Gibson (UK)
A surprising and touching depiction of memory and grief in the Social Media age. [Out of Competition]

Main Fiction Shorts Competition – Close Up Cinema 8:00pm

Vamos Directed by Hans Lein (Netherlands)
When the possessive behaviour of her mother gets too much for Nelly she has no other choice.
1.4% of 36 Years Directed by Motosuke Fukuda (UK and Japan)

The Eighth Directed by Amber Liu (USA and China)
In a small county hospital in China in the 2000s, Juan is being forced into her eighth abortion.
A Fine Stew Directed by Marie Glichitch (Belgium and France)
Easter Sunday. Catherine has cooked her stew, Manon is hungover, Jacques is late, and Pierre has an announcement.
Leaving Directed by Chenyun Huang (USA and China)
A little girl gets to know the meaning of death in the course of taking care of her grandfather.
ZVOOV Directed by Lee Manor (USA)
On the night before his big tennis match, a man must first defeat a nefarious foe – a house fly.​
Dekalb Elementary Directed by Reed Van Dyk (USA)
A gripping cinematic experience inspired by a 911 call placed during a school shooting
incident in Atlanta, Georgia. [Out of Competition]
The programme will be followed by an Awards Presentation and Networking in the Bar.
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