Programme 2020

Official Selection Competition – Online 3 – 9 August

Link to Festival and Tickets:

Flame Directed by Cherelle Owusu (UK)
Lightning strikes in the desert, and Flame is born. Alone and scared, she soon realises that she is in trouble, as the same storm that brought her to life is a threat to her survival.
Upper Lip Directed by Shiri Cohen (Israel)
A bitter-sweet comedy and the coming of age tale of a 12-year-old girl, who goes to the beauty salon to get her eyebrows plucked for the first time.
Solace | A Surf Documentary Directed by Giorgio Ghiotto and Seamus Tyrrell (UK)
A short documentary about how surfing can change someone’s life. A surfer keeps his energy and enthusiasm for life through his love of the sport.
A Future Where No One Remembers You Directed by Harry Tomlin (UK)
Two boys make a pact promising that if either of them ever invent time travel, they’ll visit their younger selves to prove that they’ve done it. Fifteen years on and the two have grown apart, can this pact and the possibility of fulfilling it bring them back together?
Drip Directed by Jake Mansbridge (UK)
Drip is the tale of a man trying to enjoy his one and only true love – a fish supper, but is interrupted?
Still Here Directed by Sara Siegel (Israel)
The film invites the spectator into Marcella’s living room, during the last weeks of her life.

The Shepherd Directed by Brwa Vahabpour (Norway)
On their way to a wedding, a Kurdish family is forced to confront their unspoken conflicts when the unthinkable happens.
The Pig & The Mouse Directed by Matt Walsh (UK)
A Mouse strives to disrupt the repetitive nature of Percy’s lazy life. There’s only one way Percy can win this one, and it’s not by sitting on his backside watching TV.
LionHeart Directed by Cam Tribe (Ghana)
Trapped by poverty in Ghana, two young men devote themselves to boxing as their way out.
The Shadow of Cairo Directed by Tara Shehata (Egypt)
After her mother’s death, on ordinary Egyptian girl sets out to become a Superhero vigilante.
A Bird’s Waltz Directed by Mabelle Sawan (UK)
Marcello the kingfisher is on a quest to win the affections of the beautiful and flirtatious Musetta, but she has her eye on a much older and wealthier bird.
Fraser Syndrome & Me Directed by Kyle Anne Grendys (USA)
A touching and light-hearted journey into the lives of families redefining a rare disorder.
Audrey and the Rocket Directed by Molly Bradbrook (UK)
Audrey thinks she has found an exciting alternative to a traditional funeral, but Bernard fears being left behind.
Awards will be announced on our website and social media following the week of online screening.

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