Programme 2021

Official Selection Competition – Online 18 – 25 April

Link to Festival and Tickets: COMING SOON


Talent Directed by Silver Õun (Estonia)
How far are you willing to go to get your long-awaited success?
Memories of a Sounded Past Directed by Leon Guallart Díaz (United States)
A film that carries a grand emotional weight. A vivid and romantic representation of black history and its heritage.
On the Boat Directed by Baizak Mamataliev (Kyrgyzstan)
Humour and horror when a boatman is forced to carry a passenger whose presence will keep him from paradise.
The Other One Directed by Roberto Colapietro (United Kingdom)
This anxiety inducing short will have you questioning everything.
Lunch in Paris Directed by Chaehyun Lee (South Korea)
Bia, a loner, travels around the world in a studio apartment.
Marginal Directed by Kota Nakamura (Japan)
Ominously funny, marginally menacing.

Meat the Family Directed by Javier Méndez Cañada (Spain)
Lucia, a young vegan, invites her new boyfriend to the family home for dinner. What began as an ordinary date, will finish being the particularly bloody menu of its vegan family.
Ce Qui Reste Directed by Hugo Salvaire (Belgium)
Henri returns to see his family after a long absence to visit his mother admitted to a psychiatric clinic.
Names Directed by Lara Czernecki (Hungary)
Guilty or not? – was the question many innocent people were facing in 1956 Hungary. Almost always, without hope.
Knightman Directed by Jun Sekiya (United States)
A Knight stranded in New York City battles loneliness. Can he overcome all odds and find true love?


Show Time Directed by Qiusi Zhang (China)
In a salon that teaches a group of autistic children to play instruments, two boys learn to stabilise their emotions and cooperate with others as they rehearse for a big recital.
Valle del Silicio Directed by James Michael Douglas (United States)
Silicon Valley follows the story of 12-year-old Wilson Chun who lives on the violent streets of Guatemala’s Zona 13. Wilson’s goal is to become a computer programmer to save his family from poverty. The one of a kind after school program “Cada Nino” might be his only chance of making his dreams a reality.
Variations Directed by Inês Pedrosa e Melo (United States)
At the San Francisco Ballet School, young aspiring dancers come to terms with their growing pains as they strive to go pro.
The Outskirts Directed by Julia Pawlikowska (Poland)
The culture of India is interlacing with a typical European one.
Unearthed Directed by Banuta Kalns-Timans (United Kingdom)
The documentary follows a team of international volunteers as they exhume the bodies of First and Second World War soldiers in Latvia.

Animations & Music Videos

Case Closed Directed by Lucy Gatneby (United Kingdom)
When an unexpected security feature derails her mission, a spy is forced to pursue a runaway villain in a chaotic chase on top of a commuter train.
Faust Directed by Marianna Atlas (Poland)
An interpretation of the legend of Faust, where an alchemist trying to find a meaning to life signs a deal with the devil.
Wasted Lies Directed by Luke Avoledo (Canada)
Wasted Lies is a coming-of-age film that follows Boy as he escapes from and returns to his childhood house multiple times, learning about his queerness and the safety of what feels like home.
Polaris Directed by Ellen Gordon (United Kingdom)
When Ursa Minor falls out of the sky in a storm, he must embark on an adventure to find his way home – with the help of a new friend.
A[CHRONO]mation Directed by Bronwyn Horne (South Africa)
An academic arts research project that uses an experimental animation technique using laser cutting and engraving.
Beyond the Veil Directed by Francesca Salmasi (United Kingdom)
Inspired by the death positivity movement, Beyond the Veil is a short animation about the beauty that can be found within death and the ways in which people choose to honour the dead through their funeral rites – created using materials that mimic imagery often associated with death such as charcoal resembling ashes and stone reflecting traditional British headstones.
GO! Directed by Zachery Grew (United States)
“GO” is a project with an old school MTV feel. The project was shot on location at U.S. Steel and the cities of Ecorse, River Rouge and Detroit, Michigan USA.
Awards will be announced on our website and social media following the week of online screening.

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