Cinema Programme 2022

Official Selection Competition – 14 April 2022

Close-Up Cinema, Shoreditch 7:30 – 10:30pm

Tickets Available Here

Major Tom Directed by Kya Garner-Minnick (USA)
A young teen tries to stay away from the dangers of a rough life by imagining he is an astronaut.
Party Animal Directed by Victor Healey (UK)
A small Piñata must go to great and dangerous lengths to find his life’s purpose.
Stranger Directed by Jaron Herren (Australia)
When a quiet girl claims she was nearly abducted; two police officers must uncover the unexpected truth from the alleged perpetrator.
Gold, You Idiot Directed by Ryan Nathan Singer (USA)
Two moronic gold prospectors venture the old American west in search of riches.
Vlada Goes to London Directed by Arti Savchenko (Israel)
Vlada is a pizza delivery girl who’s willing to do whatever it takes to find the money for a flight to perform at a festival in London.
The Scottish Woman Directed by Gigi Greene (Czech Republic)
In this intimate short documentary, Diana Young, THE Scottish Woman, discusses the personal and societal challenges faced by transgender people across the globe.

Between Us Directed by Antonio Mendes (UK)
When Jack’s father returns from prison, Jack has a decision to make. Can he accept the arrival of his estranged and domineering father and step down as head of the family?
The Bright Side of Imperfection Directed by Anna Skoura (Greece)
Sometimes freedom is found in the simpler things in life.
Just Business Directed by Matthew Snow (UK)
The harrowing tale of a hit-man who is forced to choose between loyalty to his boss and loyalty to his oldest friend.
Sophie and Jacob Directed by Max Shoham (Canada)
The true story of Sophie and Jacob, two Romanian Jews who meet as refugees from the Holocaust.
Bye, Grandma! Directed by Ksenia Mchedlidze (UK)
Sam steals a random old lady from a nursing home and introduces her to his family as the “new grandma”.
The Sequel Directed by Sophie Burley, Gabriella Linning, and Jia Ming Hui (UK)
Blackman’s shoe shop on the East End’s Cheshire Street has survived there for years. It is full of charming characters and is built on strong family values. Just remember: “The devil wears Prada…but the people wear plimsolls”.
A Swedish Defence Directed by Simon Elvås (Sweden)
It’s hard being a weapons engineer if your daughter is an anti-war activist. Two worlds collide in this dark comedy.
Awards will be announced following the screening.

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