Programme 2023

Official Selection Competition – 13 April 2023

Close-Up Cinema, Shoreditch 7:00 – 10:00pm

Tickets Available Here

Shots by Shamefaced Directed by Aaron Reece Coles (UK)
The shame of it –  no video, no budget… and then the penny finally drops.
Lion Directed by Ryan Bellaire (Canada)
A solid Who-Dunnit Basketball changing room mystery, keeps you hooked until the very last frame, then punches you in the gut.
Journey of a Paper Directed by Owen C. (China)
During a class, a teacher receives a mystery piece of paper from a  student. But which student? And what does it mean?
Curiosa Directed by Tessa Moult-Milewska (UK)
An overly curious woman climbs into her boyfriend’s head in search of answers. 
She will wish she hadn’t.
Agua Directed by Marina ​​Fortuño (Spain)
Agua is an autobiographical short film that shows an intimate, deep and very personal story.
It is a tribute to the legacy of effort and love that our father left in my sister, Carmen’s life.
Zemi Directed by Dominic Crane (UK)
During his first international tour, Zemi, an up-and-coming Dominican rapper, faces the age-old battle between creative integrity and encompassing ambition and calls upon a powerful spirit to defend his truth.

Pojedynek (The Duel) Directed by Arek Detmer and Łukasz Zakrzewski (Poland)
Two officers of the Napoleonic army duel for a woman. But there is more to this conflict than meets the eye.
Through the Looking Glasses Directed by Morgan Eng (USA)
The coming-of-age story of a tweenager’s search for the perfect pair of glasses.
A Film in the Theatre Directed by Enrico Barbaro Jr (Spain)
“A film in the theatre” narrates the life of Eusebio José Fernández López Reboredo Bergamín, a teenager in the sixties whose dream is to be a film director. But the dictator, General Franco, prohibits all kinds of art in 1964. A chance meeting with another artist named Antonio Mínguez, will change Eusebio’s life.
Aphrodite Directed by Alonso A. Anza (UK)
The true self cannot be held down… So celebrate it!
Silence Directed by Małgorzata Paszko (Poland)
Zygmunt and Halina live in a tiny council flat in Warsaw. The surrounding poverty, diseases and their old age only emphasise the extraordinary “beauty” of their relationship and the fact that despite constant arguments, they are unable to live without each other.
Lemon Directed by Yuanyuan Lu (USA)
When a bulb breaks the replacements throw light onto existence and truth. 
A lemon-scented dreamscape awaits in “Lemon Light”. But what does it mean?
Forget Me Not Directed by Isabel Furhovde (Norway)
A former fashion model chooses to seek out a man from her past, to confront him about an uncomfortable experience she had at sixteen.
With Courage Directed by John Roy Wyatt (UK)
A short documentary exploring the work of RNLI volunteers in the channel. What motivates them, and how do they deal with their experiences once the boats come to shore?
Birthday Boy Directed by Pénélope Hawkins (Canada)
On his birthday night, Jules is destabilised by the unexpected presence of Achille. The intimacy thus imposed; the touches, the looks, and the unspoken truths forge the language of the evening.
iCare Directed by Bruno Urzi (UK)
iCare tells the story of a care robot who looks after an elderly woman, played by Sara Wilson-Soppitt.
Legacy Directed by Ann Beate Eikås Hovland (Norway)
Gro and Heidi deal with grief differently, and as they are packing away their late father’s belongings, Heidi discovers that her sister has been protecting her from the truth for many years.
The screening will be followed by a Q&A with filmmakers in attendance, the Award Presentations, and a networking event in the bar.

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